Professional Power Tools
Sales, Repair, Service and Consulting in Kampala

Who we are and what we offer

We, that are a couple of tool enthusiasts who like the sturdiness and reliability of quality power tools. This includes not only the possibility to get a job done in a decent time and with a professional touch of quality, but also the ability to service or even repair a tool.
Many brands unfortunately are not up to these tasks, so we decided to do something about it - and here we are!

Our team is spread around the globe, to take a chance of local opportunities to bring quality tools to Uganda, so that jobs can be done in better ways than before. From Ugandans for Ugandans.
Located in the heart of Kampala, we offer you a range of quality tools, servicing and repair. 

Or you are not sure, what kind of tool you need for a specific task? We can also assist you here.
Please check out our portfolio.

Sale of professional power tools

We offer power tools of professional brands, mostly made in Germany, Japan or the USA. For example, amongst these we offer Bosch or Eibenstock brand. Please see our section "Tools on sale". All our tools come with a warranty! In case you need accessories for your power tools: We offer those as well as some hand tools


You have a power tool which is not working properly or got damaged? Drop by and let our experts check your tool and see how to save it.


Your power tool is not functioning as it used to? Maybe a little overhaul will put the spirit back in. From brushes to complete maintenance we offer a wide range of services to maintain your power tools and to give it a longer lifespan.


Considering to buy a new tool for your business, but you're not sure what's currently either the best tool suited for the job or what kind of tools are available on the market? We can assist with consulting from the beginning, even up to get you the tool you need. Just pay us a visit, call or mail/whatsapp us and get in touch with our experts.